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Our 5-year-old students can solve this mentally.

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Uncover the secrets of this amazing math system from Japan

In many parts of the world, children learn arithmetic by memorizing math facts. This is an effective method, as long as we practice using the facts until they can be recalled without any effort.

The problem is that prior to mastering the basics, many children are taught to use calculators. Like anything that we simply memorize, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.

In many other Asian nations, young children learn basic arithmetic using an entirely different method. This method teaches children to actively perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using a hands-on tool.

In addition to mastering basic math facts, these students become capable of performing astounding mental computations. How amazing? Watch the video and see for yourself.

A Mental Computation System – Not “Math Facts” or Tricks

This is footage of our students during a regular class. Notice that these children are not recalling ‟math facts” nor are they using tricks; these children are solving the problems by performing each computation.What are the benefits of learning this system?

  1. Mastery of numbers.
  2. Development of problem solving / thinking skills.
  3. Superior computational ability
  4. More available short-term memory
  5. Freedom from calculators

So, how have these students learned to perform with such astounding quickness and mental agility?
They have been studying the Sato Soroban Method.

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What people are saying about us

My six year old and I have been students for the past two years. During this time, my son has developed not only the ability to perform computations quickly and accurately, but an amazing sense of discipline and focus that spans across all other areas of study and has helped him to excel academically.

My four-year-old has been studying Soroban as well for a little less than a year and already I have seen significant improvements in his ability to focus and concentrate while being able to compute accurately.

As a student myself and a mathematics teacher, I have also improved my ability to perform mental computations quickly and accurately. My spontaneity in the classroom has increased as I challenge my students with a variety of problems and mentally compute each answer.

The instructors have an amazing ability to work with each child at their level, no matter what age, and gradually move them to the point where they are confident, competent and can compute with amazing speed and accuracy. This time-proven method will provide my children with the foundation needed to successfully compete in a global economy.

Michelle G, student and mother of two students (ages 6 and 4)
Thanks for a great year. The boys continue to excel in math at school and I know its largely due to their Soroban training.
Have a great summer and we will see you next fall.
Juliette S., mother of two students (ages 12 and 10)
Thank you for teaching our girls Soroban for these past several years. They really enjoy your classes, and have gained a real confidence in their mathematical abilities. Especially for girls, this is an important strength that will broaden their opportunities and understanding of how the world works for the future.

Your teaching, testing and awards program is ideally structured to keep children engaged and enthusiastic about their studies. My wife and I feel very fortunate to have such a great program here in New York.

Congratulations on building and sustaining this successful and fun program, and I anticipate that our kids will continue to benefit from your teaching for years to come.
Thank you.

Sean H., Lawyer, father of two students (ages 8 and 6)
This program is, to be honest, better kept as a secret in this very educationally competitive area! Soroban not only makes math a breeze, but also provides benefits that can be summed up in two words: focus and discipline.
Pai H., Professional Translator, father of two students (ages 9 and 5)